Titanium Crypto Seed Storage Plate, 5 Pack

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Paper seed storage and disposable electronic wallets pose many risks, as they can easily be lost, stolen or damaged. Using a set of metal stamps, hammer, and a steel block, you can permanently record your private key into these Titanium Plates, safely offline, away from all physical and cyber threats. Shop Seed Stamping Kits here.

These laser engraved, heavy-duty Titanium Plates have deeply laser-etched numbered cells and are hand polished to a smooth finish. Includes 5 Titanium plates. Great for backing up different wallets, multiple private keys, making copies of seed word data, as well as practicing metal stamping into Titanium.

  • Includes: (5) Titanium Plates, (5) Protective Security Sleeve, and (10) Tamper-Proof Stickers
  • Fire-Resistant: 3,000ºf (1,650ºc), nearly triple the 1,100ºf (593ºc) average house fire
  • Non-Corrosive: When exposed to oxygen, Titanium provides shielded protection through the process of oxidation. This enables your seed words to be resistant to corrosion from acid exposure, excess moisture, saltwater, and rust.
  • Crush-Proof: Will not damage or break upon crush or impact. Will remain as one solid piece.