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Soft Metals Polishing Kit

Soft Metals Polishing Kit

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This buffing kit is great for polishing jewelry, door knobs, candle sticks, silverware, and more. The two polishing rouges will polish brass, copper, gold, silver, and other soft metals. The Soft Metals Polishing Kit includes 1 oz. each of brown tripoli, white diamond, and red jewelers rouge. The brown tripoli is used to take out scratches while the white and red rouge compounds are predominantly used for bringing out a mirror like finish. Also included in this buffing kit are 3 specialty buffs. All buffing wheels are mounted on 1/4" shanks, for use with an electric drill.


  • 1 oz. each Brown Tripoli, White Diamond and Red Jewelers Rouge compounds
  • Mounted 2" x 2" Tapered Buff
  • Mounted 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" Cylinder Buff
  • Mounted 2" Mushroom Buffing Wheel