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  • 4" Spiral Sewn Mounted Buffing Wheels

    4" spiral sewn buffing wheels are sewn to hold the plys stiffly together so that greater pressure can be applied when polishing. These buffing wheels are great for cutting and course buffing. Mounted on a 1/4 inch shank mandrel. Learn More

  • 4" Loose Cotton Mounted Buffing Wheels

    These 4" single stitch buffing wheels are extremely flexible with very slight cutting action. Great for polishing hard to reach surfaces and to bring out the highest luster. Learn More

  • 4" Mushroom Scuff Pad

    Our unique 4" mushroom shaped scuff pads are great for paint, rust, and oxidation removal, especially in hard to reach areas. Perfect for manifold restorations. The scuff pad is made of nylon web material commonly used to remove rust and light paint. Learn More

  • 4" Mushroom Buffing Wheel

    These 4 inch Mushroom Buffs are great for polishing grooves and other recessed areas. The fine-weave cotton of our Mushroom Buffs works faster than conventional felt bobs and also lasts longer. Comes mounted on a 1/4" hex shank. Learn More

  • 4" Extra Thick Mounted Spiral Sewn Buffing Wheels

    Our 4" extra thick 60 ply buffing wheels last longer than traditional buffing wheels and provide a larger surface area to polish with. The buffing wheel plys are spiral sewn so greater pressure can be applied when polishing. Learn More

5 Item(s)

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