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Junior 6 Piece Jewelers Rouge & Polishing Compound Kit

Junior 6 pc. Jewelers Rouge & Polishing Compound Kit

Item#: 149-1B
Price: $8.00

This Junior 6 pc. Jewelers Rouge & Polishing Compound Kit includes the (4) traditional polishing compounds used for polishing metals and (2) specialty compounds for polishing plastic and stainless steel. The sample sized bars (about the size of your thumb) are great for small, one-time polishing jobs.
  • For polishing all metals and most plastics (cannot be used on low melting point plastics)
  • Includes 1 oz. bars of: Blue All-Purpose Compound, Green Stainless Steel Compound, Black Emery Polishing Compound, Brown Tripoli Polishing Compound, White Rouge, and Jewelers Rouge (Red Rouge)
  • Each 1 oz. bar measures 2 1/2" x 3/4" x 3/4"
  • Includes comprehensive "Polish Like a Pro" instructions
  • Polishing compound chart on back of card shows proper polishing compound to use with each material.
  • Applied on buffing wheels. To apply, simply spin a buffing wheel on a motor or drill and gently press the compound to the wheel. The heat and friction of the spinning wheel will be enough to transfer a small amount of the compound onto the wheel for polishing.
  • All polishing compounds have been on our shelf for less than 1 month. Our quality compounds have a shelf life of at least 10 years.
  • Made in U.S.A.

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