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Cut it All Kit
Cut it All Kit

Cut it All Kit

Item#: 380-578207
Price: $15.00

Our Cut it All kit has the blades you need to cut through virtually anything with your high speed rotary tool, drill, or die grinder. With this kit you can cut plastic, wood, metal, ceramic, concrete, and glass.

The two mandrels allow the cut-off wheels and cutting blades to be used with your high speed rotary tool, high speed drill, or die grinder.

  • 1 3/4" metal cutting saw blade
  • 2" wood saw blade
  • 1 1/2" diamond saw blade
  • (6) 2" reinforced cut-off wheels
  • 1/8" mandrel for use with your Dremel or other high speed rotary tool
  • 1/4" mandrel for use with your high speed drill or die grinder

Cutting Blade Materials Chart

Cutting Blade Chart

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